Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Stitch in Time WIP

An update on stitch in time:The threads seem a lot brighter then what was shown on the picture. Not sure if its because I've got a pink hint coming through the waste canvas, but I'm liking it :-) I'm finding working with the bag easy, I tied up the handles so I wouldn't keep getting tangled, the bag is thin so there have been no problems getting the needles through and I was able to use a frame which always makes it faster.

Sunday, 22 November 2009

Stitch in Time

This is my next project:The plan is to stitch the Margaret Sherry design onto the front of a small canvas bag, which I want to use for carrying my cross stitch bits around. That's why I pick the mice doing a cross stitch. I am going to use 18ct waste canvas to get the design onto the front of the bag. I wanted to use soluble canvas but could only find it in 14ct which would have been too big for the bag. I dyed the bag today using the a Dylon fabric dye power pink. So I'm ready to start stitching tomorrow.

Saturday, 21 November 2009

Mini finish

Finished my little somebunny to love freebie yesterday. Haven't made it into a card yet. I decided to added beads as the eyes instead of just cross stitching them. The back stitching is in grey so I used grey beads from my stash to match. Also added little pink buttons.
I was informed by my boyfriend last night that on Tuesday it would be the last day before Christmas that he would be seeing a work friend, which I wanted to make a card for. So I picked out a Margaret Sherry penguin design to stitch. Problem I only had half the threads needed. Solution a trip to my local hobby craft this morning. I got my threads and also a heat it up tool for embossing :-) My excuse is it was needed for the card. This is the finished stitch: I already have different basic cards. Just had to measure and cut out a window:
I embossed Happy Christmas on to the front, using my new tool :-) and sliver heat it up powder, which ended up everywhere:
Double sided tape and a backing for inside and finished:
Its simple but I like it. Another Christmas card finished. And you may guess I like taking pictures :-)

Thursday, 19 November 2009

The Past 2 Days

Since finishing In Harmony a couple of days ago I decided to do a few simple tiny stitches. I started and finished my first Christmas card of the season. Its an All our yesterdays card kit that came free in the world of cross stitching magazine. Thought I would make it, be nice to send it to someone.
The second start is another free kit from the world of cross stitching. A somebunny to love mini bunny. I thought it was cute. Will have to start slotting in the free kits that you always get with magazine, got a box full of them. Think I might turn this into a birthday card, its a friends little girl's birthday in January think this would be prefect in a pink or purple card for her.

Tuesday, 17 November 2009

In Harmony is ........

finished. Spent the last day doing the back stitch, french knots and couching, was very glad that there wasn't much. Just needs a wash, iron and going to try find a nice frame for it.
Was trying to get a photo of it showing the best colour representation think this is the best. Put my day light lamp over it as i took the photo.

Saturday, 14 November 2009

A bit of an update on In harmony. Lost motivation on it this week. I've been thinking about my next projects and getting everything ready for them. Want to start them now but also want to get In harmony finished so I'm pushing on with it. So here's my update:

Also wanted to show a little Christmas design I stitched in mid October. Its a Margaret Sherry design that was in Cross Stitcher magazine. The chart called for baubles to be stitched but I added the little Christmas bulbs for a bit of difference and I thought they would be cute:

Saturday, 7 November 2009

First an update on In Harmony, not spent as much time on it this week as I would have liked. Just over halfway through now. Photo does makes the sky look lighter brown then it actually is. I do like the effect of the trees in the background. My Pako thread organiser finally turned up, I organised my In Harmony threads in to it and am finding it make easier to work with then them cardboard ones that come with the kits and you end up pulling all the wrong threads out while trying to get the colour you want, well I do :-)

Put my stitching down on Wednesday for a few hours to make this little kit from which I got at the Ally Pally. An owl family. It was very kiddy but fun to make.

These are my finished owls. the kit was really good, I was surprised at the good quality of the fabric. I added tabs at the back of the owls so they could be hang up. I'm already thinking about the next few projects I want to start but I am determined to finish In Harmony first before starting a new cross stitch. I'll keep ya updated :-)

Saturday, 31 October 2009

Got a bit more done of In Harmony, a lot of what I've done today has been in half stitch. With plenty of blending colours.

Went my local hobby craft today and picked up two popcorn knitting kits (they was going cheap.) I have already done Souffle the duck pictured in the middle. Souffle was my first knitted teddy, before him I could only do scarfs. Took me a week to make and I was very pleased with him. So I have Biscuit and Cocoa to make now :-)

Thursday, 29 October 2009

In Harmony WIP

End of day 2 on In Harmony. Managed to get one of the wolves head done and a little bit of the other. Already worried I'm going to run out of thread, it keeps going all bitty and I end up wasting it, I'll see how it goes. Navy Aida been a bit hard to work with as the holes are not very clear, have had to unpick a few stitches :-(

Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Day Dreamer Finished

I finished Suzy's Zoo Day Dreamer today. Run out of a couple of colours from the kit but Lucky had them in my collection. It didn't have a lot of back stitching which was nice. So here it is, needs a bit of ironing :-)
On the 8th and 9th this month I went the knitting and stitching show at Alexandra Palace in London. Spent a lot of money and added a bit to my stash. These are the goodies I got:
Decided I'm going to start In Harmony by dimensions tomorrow. I had been wanting this kit for a while so when I saw it at the knitting and stitching show there was no hesitation.

Saturday, 24 October 2009

WIP update

Just a quick update on Day Dreamer

Thursday, 22 October 2009

Not the most successful day!

Didn't get much stitching done today on day dreamer, added a bit more to the sky.
Went charity shop craft hunting today. Verdict ..........there are no good charity shops in my area at least for craft bargains. Did get a book Cross Stitch Silhouettes which I think has some nice charts in. And some ladybird buttons, thought I might add one to day dreamer maybe on Witzy's foot or the flower. And my Dad got me the cross stitch pattern creator from a boot sale for 10p. So a few bit added to my collection :-)

Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Suzy's Zoo Update

This is the first WIP picture of Suzy's Zoo day dreamer. Think I've made a good start to it, most of the blue sky is using half stitch so it's made it faster to stitch. Except when I forget I'm half stitching and cross stitch instead and have to unpick it, oops.

Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Suzy's Zoo

A new day a new project. Decided to start Little Suzy's zoo day dreamer today. will post updates as I go along.
Got many kits waiting but I need a good thread sorter before I start them. Im planning on ordering a Pako Floss Organiser tomorrow hopefully it wont be delayed due to the post problems. Fingers crossed.

Monday, 19 October 2009

First Post

Today I decided to set up a blog, never done one before but with all the projects being doing lately I wanted to write about them. Any help is appreciated

Today I finished doing weight lifting by Margaret Sherry, only took a day and half as its so small. It was a cute design to do.