Saturday, 14 November 2009

A bit of an update on In harmony. Lost motivation on it this week. I've been thinking about my next projects and getting everything ready for them. Want to start them now but also want to get In harmony finished so I'm pushing on with it. So here's my update:

Also wanted to show a little Christmas design I stitched in mid October. Its a Margaret Sherry design that was in Cross Stitcher magazine. The chart called for baubles to be stitched but I added the little Christmas bulbs for a bit of difference and I thought they would be cute:


  1. Wow you can't have much more to stitch on in harmony, keep up the good work.I love the Margaret Sherry design, the bulbs really look like they are lit up and the dog is so cute.

  2. Harmony looks awesome and I love the Margaret Sherry design and those bulbs are perfect!