Saturday, 7 November 2009

First an update on In Harmony, not spent as much time on it this week as I would have liked. Just over halfway through now. Photo does makes the sky look lighter brown then it actually is. I do like the effect of the trees in the background. My Pako thread organiser finally turned up, I organised my In Harmony threads in to it and am finding it make easier to work with then them cardboard ones that come with the kits and you end up pulling all the wrong threads out while trying to get the colour you want, well I do :-)

Put my stitching down on Wednesday for a few hours to make this little kit from which I got at the Ally Pally. An owl family. It was very kiddy but fun to make.

These are my finished owls. the kit was really good, I was surprised at the good quality of the fabric. I added tabs at the back of the owls so they could be hang up. I'm already thinking about the next few projects I want to start but I am determined to finish In Harmony first before starting a new cross stitch. I'll keep ya updated :-)


  1. I had to show your In Harmony stitching to my daughter as she loves wolves :o).The owls look really fun.

  2. Wow! in Harmony looks great! You've got some smokin' needles girl! I also love the owls, those are too cute for words!