Saturday, 21 November 2009

Mini finish

Finished my little somebunny to love freebie yesterday. Haven't made it into a card yet. I decided to added beads as the eyes instead of just cross stitching them. The back stitching is in grey so I used grey beads from my stash to match. Also added little pink buttons.
I was informed by my boyfriend last night that on Tuesday it would be the last day before Christmas that he would be seeing a work friend, which I wanted to make a card for. So I picked out a Margaret Sherry penguin design to stitch. Problem I only had half the threads needed. Solution a trip to my local hobby craft this morning. I got my threads and also a heat it up tool for embossing :-) My excuse is it was needed for the card. This is the finished stitch: I already have different basic cards. Just had to measure and cut out a window:
I embossed Happy Christmas on to the front, using my new tool :-) and sliver heat it up powder, which ended up everywhere:
Double sided tape and a backing for inside and finished:
Its simple but I like it. Another Christmas card finished. And you may guess I like taking pictures :-)


  1. I love the buttons on somebunny it's so cute and you have done a good job on the penguin card very bright and christmassy.I'm stitching the free penguin from card shop at the moment :).Love seeing all your photo's.

  2. I just got that magazine yesterday :-). Was thinking about stitching it but I also like the charts inside thought I might do some.

  3. Yeah I like Mo and Poley and the snowmen.