Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Its been a while.....

since I said I was back.

First heres a pic of the photo cross stitch I did for a friend in March. Took me 4 weeks to finish, started really slow then was told it had to be finished in a week and a half with over half the cross stitch to go. As you can imagine a lot of late night were spent on it. Finished and framed it the night before we gave it to her for her birthday. The photo was in black and white, had it converted into a chart through someone on ebay. Used a box frame so the glass didnt touch the stitches.

Just finished stitching 2 christmas pics over the last few days, I'm planning on turning into cards. Getting a head start. Will try putting some pics up soon.

Also booked our tickets to this years knitting and stitching show in London {oct 7-10}. Going for 4 days this year and doing 10 workshops. Me and my sister went for 2 days last year and really enjoyed it and got lots of stuff. Really looking forward to it and already making a list of things to look out for :-)